Webhooks are blocked by cloudflare


I implemented Razorpay Webhooks on my client’s website and it was turning off automatically. I raised a support request to the Razorpay team and I got the logs from them to find out what exactly is blocking em.

I checked the firewall and found out “Bot fight mode” is causing the issue.

I then added a firewall rule to allow the query, path and user agent but still it is getting blocked.

Is there any solution for this other than turning off the Bot fight mode? Perhaps a separate rule for the “Bot Fight Mode” service?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @PavanKumar,

There is currently not a way to allow a specific bot through Bot Fight Mode with Firewall Rules. You will most likely have to either disable it or ask the provider to apply to Cloudflare to be counted as a ‘good’ bot.



Thank you for the reply. Turning it off will increase the bot attacks right?

Is there a link or a form where the provider can apply for Cloudflare to list them as a ‘Good’ Bot?


It will stop blocking some bots, yes.

This is the form:

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