WebHooks and Pro Plan - How to prevent all blocking


How can I configure a specific URL (a webhook in this case) to never, under any circumstance, block traffic using the Pro plan? (I understand with the Business plan I can setup custom WAF rules to accomplish this, but I’m not sure we can afford this just yet.)

What I’m trying to do is prevent a webhook (single URL) from ever being blocked. Unfortunately I have no way to ‘whitelist’ ip addresses as the IP’s can be dynamic.

Are Page Rules capable of disabling all blocks and filters for a certain URL?

For example:

Disable Security, Browser Integrity Check: Off, Web Application Firewall: Off, polish: Off, Mirage: Off, Always Online: Off, Security Level: Essentially Off, Cache Level: Bypass, IP Geolocation Header: Off, Email Obfuscation: Off, Automatic HTTPS Rewrites: Off, cache_deception_armor: Off, Disable Apps, Disable Performance


I already replied to your other post:


Thank you sdayman.

To confirm, using a page rule to disable Browser Integrity Check, WAF, Secuirty, Performance and everything else available would ensure every request would get through unscathed to those URIs?

Is there a way I can tell if traffic ‘is’ being blocked by CF to these URLs? I’m moving a very large and active system into CloudFlare and I’m trying my best to not break anything along the way. :slight_smile:


My only experience is a NextCloud installation that was having some requests blocked by the WAF on the Pro Plan. These blocks were showing up in the Firewall log here at Cloudflare. After I set my NextCloud subdomain to bypass WAF, it worked and there were no more entries in the Firewall log.

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