Webhook with wildcard in CNAME is not receiving requests


We recently put our prod API server behind a DNS with a wildcard in the CNAME like *.foo.com. When I switched the webhook url in our cloudflare worker (which directs requests to either staging or prod), our server stopped receiving requests from cloudflare stream. However, this did not happen to our staging server because it didn’t have a wildcard in the CNAME.

We removed the prod wildcard CNAME from our DNS and the TTL has expired (as of last Friday), but requests are still failing.

We have the webhook currently pointing directly to our server url, but would like to use the CNAME. Could anyone shed light on what the issue could be?



Cloudflare Stream doesn’t do anything special when making webhook requests. After you made the DNS changes and verified that the changes to add a wildcard record has propagated, did your prod endpoint work from the browser or with cURL?

Hey Zaid, thanks for the reply.

I did manually test out our webhook using postman with spoofed cloudflare data and auth, and was able to successfully hit our API through the DNS doing that. Then I again switched the webhook url in the worker to our DNS CNAME and it still didn’t work. That leads me to believe it’s a problem with either Cloudflare Stream or Worker. I’m happy to DM our actual api endpoint to help the team duplicate the issue.

Would be great to get the actual endpoint so we can run tests. My email is zaid at cloudflare.com