Webforwarding to a website through cloudflare

I currently run www.revisechemistry.uk through cloudflare, but I own the domain www.revisechemistry.co.uk too (not on cloudfare). Is there a way I can webforward from .co.uk to my .uk address? I had previously tried to do this, but I was getting an error appear.

If the domain you are forwarding from isn’t on Cloudflare, you would need to do that with your host / provider, not Cloudflare.

I have tried this, but a cloudflare error message appears when loading revisechemistry.co.uk instead of forwarding the website to revisechemistry.uk

What error message do you see?

just loads the site without Cloudflare and doesn’t redirect for me.

I am afraid it would not seem that way.

There is no record for your naked domain and your www host is a CNAME for your .uk domain, but that wont work. You need actually perform an HTTP redirect to your .uk domain and that is something - as @domjh mentioned - you’ll need to do wherever you host your .co.uk domain.

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