Webflow Site assets stored on external CDN domain so Cloudflare features not being applied


So I just got a Pro plan and added my Webflow site milkmoonstudio.com to Cloudflare. Anyhow, enabled basically everything I can in terms of performance improvements on the Pro plan and added a page rule to cache everything on the domain and installed Dr.Flare plugin to go check it out. Then I realised that a lot of content for Webflow is stored on their CDN assets.website-files.com which means that on images etc none of the features are being applied and I can’t create rules for assets.website-files.com as it’s not my domain. Any suggestions on how to cache assets.website-files.com. Looks like I can’t get it proxied, resized, minified or whatever else Cloudflare can do as just about everything that’s not html is kept in there. Any suggestions. Not really my forte so I’m a bit stuck.

Sorry to say, but as long as you do not control website-files.com and move it to CloudFlare and proxy its subdomain assets.website-files.com there is no way of applying all that features to that domain.

If you want to optimize the assets there you will have to optimize them by yourself, CloudFlare can not help you there.

So what I would recommend you is: do not use CDN Domains. host them under your own domain and let Cloudflare speed up all of your content. This also is good for pagespeed as no additional domain must be looked up before downloading the assets.
As you use Webflow, ask them if they would rewrite all your URLs to serve your static assets from your own Domain

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