Webflow .de domain setup

I am using webflow, and I have waited days for it to connect, no hope.
Says on webflow it’s connected + published my website to domain.
sjalsfran.de is my domain, I bought off namecheap and they can’t help me because I moved the DNS to Cloudflare.

Any help appreciated

Hello there,

I see your domain is connected to Cloudflare. Is it proxied :orange: ? If so, change & keep it to DNS only :grey:
Here’s the article to check if you’ve configured the settings correct:

Hi, It is not proxied. I followed Webflow’s specific tutorial on how to use Cloudflare and transfer across. Had no luck in the domain showing anything, although says connected on webflow side

Would you cross check with the above linked article again?
Are you using Cloudflare SSL?

www redirects to Apex, and loads this from webflow:

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