Webapp not able to show Barcode

Hi everyone,
I am have used Cloudflare on my domain, enabled all features.
The website is a webapp that tracks Delivery status of orders , built using .php and works just fine.
After caching @ Cloudflare , I started to get this weird issue, printing AWB (Airway Bill) is a small report with Barcode generator that prints barcode on top of the page, in Cloud Flare mode, the Barcode is not showing at all and no error or message to start with, simple , a vacant nothing !
When I disabled the Cloud Flare again , the barcode appeared again, so I am pretty sure it’s the Cloud Flare preventing the Browser somehow to generate and show a barcode on the (Print AWB) report.
Any ideas ? what feature/port blocked or app blocked could lead to this ?

Would you have a sample URL?

The issue is either security or caching related. Check your firewall event logs for anything related. Plus, depending on how it is set up you might have to create a page rule which skips the cache for that particular image URL.

Again, if you provided a sample URL it would be a lot easier.

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