Web Traffic Requests from Ukraine

Analytics > Traffic > Web Traffic shows me 60529 hits from Ukraine.

But Google Analytics shows me no traffic at all form Ukraine:
https://share.getcloudapp.com/jkuKN5mD (sorry can only include 1 image)

Can you help me to understand that?


In addition to the characteristics described above, it’s possible that your Cloudflare metrics do not fully align with data for the same site as reported by other sources such as Google Analytics and web server logs.

Once Cloudflare identifies a unique IP address for a request, we identify such request as a visit. Therefore, the number of visitors Cloudflare Analytics shows is probably higher than what other analytics services may report.

For example, Google Analytics and other web-based analytics programs use JavaScript on the web browser to track visitors. As a result, Google Analytics doesn’t record threats, bots, and automated crawlers because those requests typically do not trigger JavaScript. Also, these services do not track visitors who disable JavaScript on their browser or who leave a page before it fully loads.

Finally, it’s likely that unique visitor data from the Cloudflare Analytics app is greater than your search analytics unique pageviews. This is because pageviews reflect when someone visits a page via a web browser and loads the entire page. However, when another site or service like a bot, plugin, or API is consuming partial content from your site (but not loading a full page), this counts as a unique visitor in Cloudflare and not as a pageview.

Thank you @Judge

So If that 60529 hits are not trackable on my page, I assume that traffic is spam or other unwanted traffic.

Can I block traffic from Ukraine completely in Cloudflare?


It’s either spam or users without javascript enabled (such as users with low-powered mobile phones)/users using adblock, but if you have absolutely zero hits from Ukraine on your Google Analytics chances are all of those hits are spam/bots and blocking via a firewall rule might make sense for you.