Web Traffic from China when using CloudFlare Load balancing

Question & TL;DR: If I use CloudFlare Load Balancing and opt-in to serving content inside China, can users from China be able to access my website?

I have a website hosted at DigitalOcean that is using 2 DO droplets and a DO load balancer. I am already using CF to proxy traffic. I want use CF Load Balancing.

The issue is that I have some users in China also. While I was searching for CF load balancing I got confused.

Customers with China network access should not use the Load Balancer or HTTP 530 errors will occur.

from https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005254367-Billing-for-Cloudflare-Load-Balancing#12345679


As we’ve extended our network into China, we’ve also taken numerous steps to ensure the security and integrity of our customers’ data. CloudFlare operates all services outside of China, and Baidu all services inside of China. No CloudFlare customer traffic will pass through the China network unless a customer explicitly opts-in to the service.

from https://blog.cloudflare.com/how-we-extended-cloudflares-performance-and-security-into-mainland-china/#preservingtheintegrityofcustomerdata

Are you an enterprise

customer? If so you should direct the question to your account team, otherwise you aren’t using Cloudflare’s China network at this time.

Cloudflare’s partnership with Baidu and JD Cloud are about serving from POPs within China. Unless you have subscribed to those services, your China visitors will be served from a Cloudflare colo outside of China.

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