Web Site Timeout & Broken Images


My organization experienced issues with an application using argo tunnels this morning. The application either timed out or images were broken and not rendering properly on the web page(after a refresh)
Enabling developer mode and purging the cache appears to have fixed the issue.
I did have the “Always Online” switched on as well so have subsequently turned that off as that appears to be still in beta.

It was odd as I saw no issue with our backend systems and no issues with the Argo tunnels either.

I did read in the community about someone having a similar issue.

Two questions,

  1. How long does development mode stay on for before reverting to caching mode?
  2. How can I turn off caching permanently or at least age it out more quickly?

Very strange.
If anyone can shed any light on why this happens it would be much appreciated.


Dev Mode is 3 hours before it reverts. It should show you the time remaining at the top of the Overview page.

You can turn off caching with Page Rules. Match *example.com/* and a Cache Setting of Bypass.

(Edited Page Rule match for better formatting)

Ok cool.
Thanks for the response.

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