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My Web site https://www.dotcominfoway.com Google PageSpeed insights score is very low.

Please check the below screenshot below and help me on the same.

Thank You.

Google PageSpeed Insights tests your site’s theme/layout as well and how it’s put together which Cloudflare can only partially help with. The rest is on your and/or your web developers/theme/layout choices.

Google PageSpeed Insights v5 is heavily weighted towards interactive and speedindex and first contentful paint metrics on 3G moto g4/nexus 5 device emulation. So for dynamic and javascript heavy sites, 3G mobile score or heavily render blocked asset based sites, the score will be lower. From v5 API this is the weighting used to determine the score

  • interactive 5
  • speed-index 4
  • first-contentful-paint 3
  • first-cpu-idle 2
  • first-meaningful-paint 1

You really shouldn’t look at the overall scores but the metric’s values measured over time to get your relative page speed. Field data origin summary would be that over time measurement rather than the lab data scores which is what the score rating is measured from.

My write up on PageSpeed Insights v5 update at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/google-pagespeed-insights-v5-update.16016/

For pagespeed tests, also use webpagetest.org for pagespeed testing - my guide at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/how-to-use-webpagetest-org-for-page-load-speed-testing.13859/

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