Web site not loading, says domain expired but that is not true

Hi there, I’m really not sure where to post this. I’m having issues loading my site today:

It says that the domain has expired, which is not the case as I logged in and the bill was paid successfully. It also seems to work fine when I connect to ftp with the ip address, so is the issue related to cloudflare?

The Web host hasn’t been very helpful. Has anyone encountered this issue before?
I’m located in Brisbane Australia if that is useful.

You will have to talk to your registrar then, as the domain has expired and the Cloudflare nameservers are no longer set…


Thank you for the link, I will try to resolve with the host.

It’s not a problem with the host (unless they manage your domain registration for you). You need to check with the registrar, Namecheap.

Yes, they manage the domain registration, thanks for your help.


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