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Domain lmhost(dot)de is registered (free) with godaddy. In order to become free SSL certificate I transfered the Name servers to Cloudflare. Is Cloudflare providing small web sited hosting without cost? If not, how to combine free SSL from Cloudflare with free web site hosting, as the web site hosting providers like freehosting or googiehost are asking to replace the Godaddy NS with their own name servers, but this is not possible, if I already transfered NS to Cloudflare?

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Was the site working with SSL prior to adding it to Cloudflare?
no it was working without ssl

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Afraid that’s not how it works. Your site needs to be secure on SSL before you use Cloudflare.

Pause Cloudflare (Overview screen bottom right) and talk to your host to properly secure your site. Once that works, it will also work with Cloudflare.

Thank you for qiuck reply!
SSL certificate from Goddy, where my domain is registered is charged.
The other free hosting companies are not offering SSL, but only http.
I was hoping to be able to host my web site on gloudflare in order to use the free SSL certificate.
What is the purpose of free SSL from Cloudflare if the domain registrar provides me with SSL certificate?

Well, Cloudflare does not provide “free SSL” in the first place.

It issues a certificate for the proxies, but that’s completely unrelated to your server. It also has Origin certificates for your server, but they are not any freer than any standard Let’s Encrypt certificate.

And no, Cloudflare does not host your site either. What exactly do you want to host? Only that “PDF” you currently have on the site?

Yes, I am using web hosting to make my PDF CV visible as html file.
I tried different free web hosting providers, all of them are either not providing SSL, or not providing any support and the web site disappears unexpected after a couple of days.
Also there is no web hosting provider who offer free of charge SSL html and support, except Azure, free of charge for a month or AWS free of charge for an year. I still do not understand what is the purpose of Cloudflare service to provide SSL certificate for a web site, who already has SSL by the domain registrar or web host provider?

In that case you best check out pages.cloudflare.com. That will allow you to have all the files on Cloudflare and you won’t need a server certificate but the proxy certificate will handle it.

Thank you for your advice, this is what I want to ask next.
What is the purpose of pages - it is creating a project, using GitHub.
I am already registered on GitHub, because of my legacy Azure account.
How is this going to work in this case - I create a new project on GitHub, over Cloudflare pages.
Then I should find a way to upload my CV HTML file to this GitHub directory, I guess I know how even that I am not sure, but then how am I going to point the GitHub project to my domain - lmhost(dot)de - over cName record? CName record should be created where - on the Cloudflare itslef, on Pages or as a record in my domain registrar?

…or Cloudflare, as configured at the moment to handle the NS for my domain will points my domain to newly created pages on Cloudflare?

You don’t even need Git for that, if you have all your files, you can upload them directly from the browser, but I’d suggest you check out the documentation and should you have any specific Pages questions, then you should post in #developers:cloudflare-pages.

As for DNS, your domain is configured for Cloudflare, but you have no record for the naked domain. Should you sign up for Pages and add your custom domain, Cloudflare will manage that automatically however.

What to do next, before I start trying pages - to return NS back to Godaddy or to leave it by Cloudflare and proceed with pages?

Just start with Pages and add your domain to your Pages setup. Possibly drop the DNS records before that.

What do you mean?

Deleting the DNS records on Cloudflare, but just start with Pages first and then follow the guidelines.

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Thank you, I will give it a try and will post here the results in the next days!

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