Web site behind Cloudflare not accessible with Forcepoint Proxy Client installed. Error 1020

Trying to get to a website and our Proxy service Forcepoint appears to be rejected by the hosting site due to an Error 1020. which is comming back from a Cloudflare report see below.

If I remove Forcepoint client I am able to access site without error. The only difference I can see is that Error only happens when Proxied through Forcepoint.

Can anyone shed any light on why I would be getting this error from Cloudflare.

"Error 1020 Ray ID: 6e6a57b8ff3272a3 • 2022-03-04 11:41:25 UTC
Access denied
What happened?
This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

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Hi, that means the owner of the site you are visiting is blocking access from Forcepoint proxy.
Since the website owner blocked your request, Cloudflare support cannot override a customer’s security settings.

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Thank you for asking.

May I ask if this is your website or not? Are you the owner of it or not?

If you get this error while visiting someone else’s website, I am afraid you cannot do anything. You can try to access it using a VPN or over a TOR, but I do not guarantee because it could also be blocked and restricted.

Obviously the website owner is using Cloudflare and security options available to him to protect his website.

Maybe you have had some bad requests, or the owner decided to deny the requests comming from your country, etc.

The site can block for any number of reason, that’s up to them and not something this Community nor Cloudflare can do anything about.

Helpful articles which contain useful information articles about 1020 Access Denied error page can be found below:

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