Web Site Acceleration for Dynamic Website?

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Is there a way to accelerate Dynamic Website via Cloudflare solution?In anther word, how Cloudflare can help us to accelerate Dynamic Website?


If it’s truly dynamic, then Cloudflare can’t accelerate the HTML itself, but the default configuration here will cache all static files, such as JS, CSS, and Images, which helps quite a bit. But if your Dynamic HTML resources are slow, Cloudflare can’t speed it up.

There are some workarounds, but it depends on it being permissible for a version of the page to be the same for the general public. Anything that depends on a user being logged in, such as ecommerce or a membership site, where content is tailored for the current visitor, you’re kind of stuck.

One example is WordPress. It’s ok to cache for most people. But admins and WooCommerce shoppers need a way to bypass cache to deliver custom content.



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