Web Server was unreachable 521 error

I constantly receive errors in my Cloudflare dashboard that Server is unreachable on port 443
Your web server at was unreachable (returning Error 521).

It happens from time to time but it’s quite often.

I’ve whitelisted all CF IPs in Wordfence firewall and I contacted Siteground to which they replied:

I was unable to find what could be causing the issue.

I did the following curl test:

Georgy-Ganchev-NEW:~ georgi.ganchev$ curl https://gearuphiking.com/ --resolve gearuphiking.com:443:

Which confirms the port has not accessibility issued from the CloudFlare’s end.

Also the IP mentioned in the error-- > is not IP hosted on our end or such provided by CloudFlare:

Georgy-Ganchev-NEW:~ georgi.ganchev$ host domain name pointer ae9d0fe0e9c2cb798.awsglobalaccelerator.com.

Not sure what this IP is or how it is connected with your website or CloudFlare DNS zone.

The strange thing is that this specific address in this case is an Amazon one based on my findings.

I don’t know what else to do…

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