Web server reported a bad gateway error

I had a site user send me a screenshot that shows my homepage with a “bad gateway error”. The Ray ID on the screenshot is:


It says “Browser Working”, “Cloudflare Working”, “www.mysite.com Host Error”.

I looked in Security > Events, though, and don’t see anything with that Ray ID, time stamp, or the user’s IP address. And my server load is 0.37, which is perfectly normal.

About 10 minutes later, she said that the homepage worked fine.

Any suggestions on how I might track down the source of the problem?

Sorry you are dealing with that.

From your description it sounds like the origin was returning a 502 Error.

You would want to investigate this at the origin, and see if you can find the causes there.

That’s the problem, I have no idea what the origin might be. Everything looked fine on the server.

I’m experiencing this again today, pages are slow loading and I’m seeing occasional errors. But the server load is fine (less than 0.3) and there are no apparent problems on my end.

I see from cloudflarestatus.com that some systems are being re-routed, maybe that’s the problem? I have no idea how to tell, all errors are too generic.

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