Web server is returning an unknown error Error code 520 + 524

Dear CF Forum Support,

I’m getting a lot of browser error HTTP 520 + 524 errors, while data import process and cache plugin data collection.


I am looking forward to your helping advices.
Best regards, Alex

FYI my PHP.ini Settings

Hello there,

May I suggest you to look into these Tutorial

I’d suggest you to temporary enable the “Pause Cloudflare for this site” option from the bottom-right corner of the CF dashboard → Overview.

Upon success and once finished, un-pause and continue working.

It’s likely the script/process takes longer than Cloudflare’s default 100s timeout, which is why you’re experiencing 524 error.

Regarding 520, might be Cloudflare isn’t allowed at the origin host, or IPs are blocked, or something else in the meantime related to the HTTP(S), or xmlrpc.php or similar file is being restricted to work with that particular plugin like sometimes REST API can be or even WP-cron.

Hello Fritex,
thank you very much, this setting helped me to proceed with importing my products without interruption of 520 Failure.

Best regards, Alex

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