Web redirection from domain A to domain B

Hello everyone,

I have two domains that I manage, one is domain B that points to a webpage that I dont control, and its near impossible to put those who control that webpage, setting up that webpage to accept domains A requests (the other domain that I control).

I am trying to forward all requests made to domain A to reach domain B, and display the webpage of domain B, and not a random website hosted in that webhost.

Is there a way only using DNS records, without using webservers?

If Website B is functional, and you control Website A here at Cloudflare, you can set up a Page Rule to bounce users who request Website A over to Website B.


I had the idea for a long time that such thing was not possible with cloudflare (and must of the time I was dependent of ppl who manage webhosts to accept my A records), but since cloudflare is such a huge tool, I should have ask this here several months ago lol.

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