Web Proxy with SSL from Internal Network


We currently running a Web application internally on our network with SSL, The SSL Certificate is provided by Letsencrypt.

Signed up to Cloudflare and everything seems normal. When we access the web application from the internet (externally), the SSL shows its provided by cloudflare, however when we access the web application on-perm (locally), it’s still showing SSL by Letsencrypt.

Question, what do we need to do to have it so local access also uses Cloudflare SSL.

FYI the name resolution from both LAN and WAN points to public IP.


That certainly doesn’t seem to be the case based on what you’re seeing.

If you open the browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) and look at the Network tab, you should be able to click on a resource your site is loading and check when IP address it’s using for your website.

Thanks for your respond.

When I ping from a computer on LAN, or another remotely on WAN, they both return the same public IP address.

If I check the SSL certificate, WAN computer shows cloudflare, and LAN Computer shows Letsencrypt.

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