Web page reloading constantly during busy traffic

We host a website that uses Cloudfare caching and when this client is at its busiest the website starts refreshing itself for a certain amount of time.

We only have a few hundred people on the site, but its causing issues.

We use really good hosting, Siteground and we are well within RAM and CPU and the site is well configured. We believe it is something that Cloudfare may be doing.

Any ideas what can cause this refreshing of the screen and is there any setting to improve this?

Sometimes it can just be certain pages.


Are you saying that when you’re on a page and not touching anything, that the browser reloads the page?

Have you opened your browser’s Dev Tools in the Network tab to watch the activity? The Console tab might also have information.

Site seems to be using Woocommerce - no personal experience with this but see the site has reference code to wc_fragments_refreshed which I think is a way to use ajax to refresh cart contents ??? Some folks do this for issues with multi-lingual sites as cart contents have trouble showing the correct items ?? In which case the refreshes would be as intended? Not sure but probably can start there.

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