Web page keeps going down

So I have a web site that is working on my home network and I have CloudFlare all set up SSL and all.

In the morning it works prefect I can get into the website all systems are working. But in the afternoon i get a error screen any time I try to connect throw the URL saying the host is not working but i can access it just fine when I go to the IP on my home network.

Is there a setting i am missing or how can i get this to stay online at all times?


I have the cert loaded to the Kemp Load Balancer that controllers all incoming traffic and is what Cloudflare connects to.

May I ask over which port are you proxying out?
How about Firewall options at your home router?

Does your IP change or you have got a static IP?
Not sure if the Always Online option at Cloudflare dashboard is actually suitable for this?

May I ask you to post a screenshot of it?
Is this only appearing when you have :orange: cloud on the DNS tab?

May I also suggest a great video - which I used and working for me - from below as far as it’s amazing and easy tutorial about setting up the Kemp Load Balancer at home and using Cloudflare with Full (Strict) SSL option - just to re-check the settings?:

So that is the video i used to set it all up.

Port 443 in and out and internal.

I have always on active right now but i can try turning that off.

I have a few websites in DNS but all go to the same Kemp.

Yes IP are static.

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