Web Hosts DNS are practically Cloudflare's

Hello, i have a subscription to a web hoster for my wordpress project. I use the nameservers provided by hoster’s service. I have looked up the particular nameservers and found out there are actually Cloudflare’s or so i believe. I have also contacted them for the matter if they already use cloudflare for their customers, and they replied positively their settings are exactly as free plan cloudflare.

However, web hoster’s cloudflare settings -i suppose- are predefined and hidden, as i have NOT a cloudflare dashboard by my web host. So i have no control to whatever cloudflare function the web hoster has already integrated to my plan.

Anyway, i cannot seem to understand if i must change to cloudflare’s free plan nameservers, in order to “synch” cloudflare dashboard with my website. Or even if free plans settings can override web hoster’s.

I suppose this account can only synch with the specific nameservers and not with my web hoster’s, right?

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