Web Hosting

I am very new to this, my developer has helped me setup my website with Cloudflare and that was 2 yrs ago – Now i am working on a new site and i have no idea where my cpanel is and where my website is hosted etc.
How do i find out who is hosting my site ??

You should be able to find out by “following the money” - nobody hosts for free, so whoever you’re paying out to each month is probably your host (since CF isn’t a hosting provider).

Well i am only paying Cloudflare and the person who migrated my files from AWS also said that Cloudflare is the one i should contact — i am so confused with this now

Hi @markivnyc,

If your site is still online, I would think that you are still paying for hosting. You could try looking at the IP that your site points to in the Cloudflare dashboard and doing a whois lookup on it to see if you can work out the host that way.

Post FULL PAGE screenshots of your Overview and DNS sections on Cloudflare.

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