Web Hosting Candidates

I currently host 20+ sites at WP Engine and run thru Cloudflare. Big fan of Cloudflare. I am just a niche user with 100GB a month in BW and 4.2M requests.

I pay $1200/month at WPE and their support and tools have been “lacking to a degree”. They use Google Cloud. I used to use Rackspace before they went offshore basically

Main site is 2GB bw for 30 day average

I wonder which hosting companies are tightly integrated with Cloudflare. Kinsta? Inmotion?

Any recommendations to compare and review for due diligence?

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We work with most hosting providers. You would need to see who makes the most sense for your business needs and make that justification. As we pride ourselves with integrating with most hosting providers.

I would not expect Cloudflare to recommend one over another. You might list the top twenty notable CF integrators. I thought users might have suggestions