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Hi Everyone,

Recently my web hosting provider migrated their servers causing change in my cPanel URL too.
So, I wanted to know, do I need to modify my Cloudflare DNS Records as well so as they point to new server IP ?
Currently the ‘Content’ Field of my DNS Records is displaying the IP of old host server.

If yes, then how should I do that? Should I simply update the Content field with new server IP ?



Thanks for your response!

I tried this and something weird happened.
All my changes which I had done on my site in past few weeks are now reverted. Any idea why it happened ?

Does the timing coincide with the server migration? It sounds like they migrated your server but left the old one. So you’ve been logging into the old one and making changes. Now that you’ve updated the IP address, you’re now on the migrated server with the data that was migrated over a while back.

Changes shouldnt revert back. Either someone has access to your account and made these changes or you have automated script running which regular sets your previous address. You should check this in your audit log.

I just checked with my hosting provider and yes, the old server is still Active.

So, since I had not changed my DNS Content in Cloudflare til now, all changes which I did after server migration, got implemented on old server!!!

Anyway, thanks for your response. I’ll be migrating the delta changes on new server now before changing the DNS in Cloudflare.

So the changed DNS records got clarified?

Actually, I still have a doubt.

Do I need to modify the DNS records with Type = ‘TXT’ ?
If yes, then how’d I get the content for default._domainkey and v=spf1 +a +mx +ip4: ~all

If that ip4 address is the old server, then update it too. This way your new server has permission to send email from your domain.

Thanks! It was old server, so now I’ve changed it to new server as well.

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These are records not directly related to your server, but still necessary for mailing and they should also reflect your new configuration.

In that case, will the Content for Name=‘default._domainkey’ will remain same ? because it seems like a public key value of the server.

If your mail server has also changed, then yes, default._domainkey will also change.

Then, can you please suggest from where I should get the value for default._domainkey of my new server ?

Thats the DKIM record. You best clarify the new value with your new host.

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Thanks for letting this now. I’ll check with Host

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