Web help pls

Hello, I have been stressing about this over the past few days trying to get it to work and the domain “coverfactions.net” is working great for subdomains for our servers. Just wondering now is it possible to make www.coverfactions.net point to "[ip removed by staff] " as all the default ports are blocked I was wondering if I could point it to that domain as I do not know what to put in the Service name. As for Minecraft, it is _minecraft.

Can you help me. Thanks

Do you have A and CNAME records in your Cloudflare control panel?

This is what i have.

[screenshot removed by staff]

Your records are incorrect.

A =======> coverfactions.net ===> x.x.x.x
CNAME ===> www =================> coverfactions.net

x.x.x.x is your server IP. You should not reveal it.

@ryan: post contains sensitive data. plz edit.

I do not understand because i want the domain to point towards a ip with a port but its a https like
( thats a example )

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to host a website in your www subdomain at a server that is located at port 25912 at the IP x.x.x.x. If so, please try to acquire a hosting provider that can provide you with default ports.

You can however, point your www subdomain to the IP address specified. But, you’ll need to access it through https://www.coverfactions.net:25912 instead of https://www.coverfactions.net and you’ll need to grey-cloud it.

There was a proposal to support SRV for HTTP traffic, which has expired for 3 years, but as far as I know, no major browser has implemented it yet due to various reason from it negatively impacting latency, the proposal has not been standardize and complex integration. A browser had even denied it without even explaining why they denied the request.

So, TL:DR, unless you want to open your website through https://www.coverfactions.net:25912 with the trailing port number, get a hosting provider that allows defaults port.

Add two records I have posted before and replace x.x.x.x with your server IP.
If your website doesn’t use default port still you can reach the website by adding the port in URL.