Web Forwarding for anything.thisdomain.net

Okay, so we have a few domains that are just for pointing to the main domain.
For example - mydomain dot com is the main domain and we have mydomain dot org, thisdomain dot net and myotherdomain dotnet

The other domains should point all traffic to the main domain - however, this isn’t working as expected. I have one CNAME on thisdomain dot net (proxied) that points to mydomain dot com and page rules set:

So, supposedly, anything typed in a browser should get pointed to the right page on mydomain dot com, right?
What am I missing?
Because in testing, thisdomain dot net goes where it should, www.thisdomain dot net might get there, but anything.thisdomain dot net doesn’t go anywhere.
I have gone to one A record that points to a random IP, one CNAME record that points to the target domain, etc. Still can’t get something.thisdomain dot net to get to the right place.

Even pinging - thisdomain dot net resolves, www.thisdomain dot net doesn’t, anything.thisdomain dot net doesn’t.

It looks like the “Any” (wildcard) dns resolution is a premium feature and we are only using free for the supplemental domains.



Have you got only one domain (main) added to the Cloudflare?
What about others?

  1. Add all of the domains to your Cloudflare account.
  2. Create A www and A yourdomain.com (yourotherdomain.net, youranother.org …) records for each of them and point to an IP address of the host/origin and make sure they are :orange: proxied.
  3. Also, at each one of them you create a Page Rule which does the Forwarding URL -> 301 redirection for the each request made at thisdomain.net/*, mydomain.org/*, yourotherdomain.net/* to your https://www.maindomain.com/.

A CNAME itself does not do a redirect. You would need a :orange: Proxied DNS record for “www” of your domain and then a Page Rule like
Match: www.anotherdomain.net/* and a Setting of Forwarding URL to: https://www.yourmaindomain.com/$1

The $1 part should forward the path as well if you’d like.

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