Web flaged as phising, request review button doesn’t work


Hi, I have received an email that my site is suspicious and flagged as phishing site.

I have removed some files that I think are suspicious but when I try to click on a link in Cloudflare dashboard “Request review” it throws me an error Internal error processing the URL. This error has been logged. (Code: 1004).

Please, Help me, what do I need to do??

hello @eitharkhalifah could you send please some info about your domain to:

Please fill in the form and also open a support ticket to track this issue.

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I woll do thanks ;

I placed the ticket and so far there has been no response
Knowing that the site in Google became without problems, the problem is in cloudflare still show the warning

You will have to wait until the team will check and send you a response.
Please be patient

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ok I’m waiting

I have been answered by the system, but the response is automatic (bot)
And he tells me that the problem is solved, but unfortunately the problem remains the same
And I answered them, while I am waiting now

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There’s always a response to a ticket, so filing a second ticket just slows down your responses. Make sure you respond to the first ticket so a support engineer can take a closer look at it. Can you post the first ticket # here?

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Try clearing cache of the following:
Clear your browser cache
Clear your computer DNS cache
Clear your control panel cache for the domain
Clear your website cache and finally
Clear your CF cache both by turning development mode on and off.
Hope that helps


thank you for replying
I tried all these things, but it didn’t help
And they answered the automatic response and told me that your problem has been solved, but it has not been solved at all
The same problem remains

Recently lots of sites been hacked specially if your site is one of them using file manager plugin if you did then you need to reinstall your site and move your posts and pages. Or if it’s a huge site the you need to hire someone.
As for CF this is not Cloudflare problem it’s your site files is given these issue.
Hop my answer help.

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