Web filtering on router not working

hello guys.
I set DNS gateway web filtering on my home router. The gateway dashboard recognize the router, and also show me which sites were blocked etc. But actually it’s not filtering anything.
For example: if im blocking youtube url and trying to access it, it show up on the ‘blocked sites’ on the the list, but technically it opening without any problem.
Any idea how to fix it?
(The web filtering working perfect when i set it on specific computer. But i want it to work on my router)

Im using cloudflare gateway rules to web filtering. It’s cloudflare system.
Maybe its becuse im using this router on modem from my ISP (as bridge)?

You need to make sure you have the DNS configuration recommended by Cloudflare Gateway set on the device that is distributing the IPs for your network.

If your router is just a bridge and the router provided by the ISP is the one distributing the IPs, then you need to change the settings on the ISP’s router.

Also, make sure you aren’t overwriting the DNS configuration locally.

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i have modem from my ISP, then i have my modem router device connected to it (as router only). there is 3 points:
1.modem + router from ISP that i set as modem only (bridge) and i can’t change it’s settings.
2. modem + router that im using as router only.
3. end point devices like laptops and android devices.
now, when i set cloudflare settings on my end point devices, web filtering working. but when im trying to do the same on the router, it’s not working.
tnx for helping

When you disconnect from your local network and connect again, are the DNS settings (of your endpoints) pointing to the right servers (the ones you configured in your router)?

i check it out on my laptop (that now set on automatic DNS and automatic IP), and the result is ‘unknown server’ and long address

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