Web Domain is directing to router login page

I am trying to use TrueNAS Core to view Nextcloud in a browser from my web domain name.

I have A records set up in Cloudflare to point to my public IP address on my home network. When I go to my web domain in an incognito browser, the page I see is the login page for my router. If I do nslookup for my domain, the address returned is the IP for my router,

The internal IP for my TrueNAS server is The IP for nextcloud in TrueNAS is

One of my A records is for the subdomain “nc,” and I did add nc.mydomain.com to the “trusted domains” array in nextcloud’s config.php file.

I have set up Port Forwarding on my router to forward traffic to I set up two rules. One to forward port 80 to port 80, and one to forward port 443 to port 443. I also tried changing the second rule to forward 443 traffic to 8282. That gave me the same result.

I would expect that when I enter my domain in an incognito browser Cloudflare would direct that traffic to my public IP address, which would then forward the traffic to the IP address of my TrueNAS server. I thought that going to mydomain.com would take me to my TrueNAS login page and going to nc.mydomain.com would take me to my nextcloud login page. I do get to my nextcloud login page if I go directly to

I’m not sure if the problem is with my TrueNAS, Nextcloud, Router settings, or DNS settings in Cloudflare. ChatGPT seems to think the problem must reside with the DNS settings, but I cannot find anything wrong there.

All suggestions are much appreciated.

Hey @wgb920 !

You can not use the private IP to accomplish that.

For that you need to use this: Cloudflare Tunnel · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

Cloudflare Tunnel provides you with a secure way to connect your resources to Cloudflare without a publicly routable IP address.

You have here another problem with the network port, since the port 8282 it’s not proxied by default. For that, you need to use the approach explained here:

Take care!

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