Web Designer Passed Away

Hi all,

Our web designer recently passed away, and I’m not sure how to gain access to my website which was tied to his account.

I’ve tried contacting support, but I got an auto response saying that they could not help.

Anyone have any ideas?

Thank you!

What’s the url

You really don’t need Cloudflare access. You’d need to get into the website hosting account itself, and Cloudflare is not the website host.

Start with a whois.com lookup of the domain. That should show you the domain registrar, which is often the website host as well. Or maybe you already know the website host. Someone is paying for the hosting, so that would direct you.

But that website host can tell you which name servers to set in your domain registration so you’ll be bypassing the Cloudflare account.

Ah okay, I guess I misunderstood what CloudFlare does. I was under the impression they were the host.

So I did a whois on the domain name (sancombphotography.com). Domain is registered with GoDaddy. So I reached out to their support, and the told me the DNS pointed to “reliabledns.org”.

I can’t figure out what company has “reliabledns.org” nameservers. When I go to that URL there’s basically no information, just a simple text page.

Any ideas??

Thank you!

That domain’s DNS does point to reliableDNS. So…what led you to Cloudflare for this domain?

Good question. They told me that cloudflare’s old DNS was reliabledns.org. But I’m assuming they were wrong… Any idea how I can figure out where reliabledns.org is tied to?

Ah, I see. ReliableDNS is an alias for Cloudflare’s name servers. I’m not sure who the ReliableDNS people are, other than that they’d be Cloudflare customers. You can certainly try to email them and ask. This the only email address I can readily find: abuse AT reliabledns DOT org

Unfortunately, that website does not resolve. This is all I can find:

I really appreciate the help. I’ll try emailing them and I’ll keep you posted. Thank you!

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