Web Cam - refresh is slow - could the caching be the problem?

I have a web cam that refreshes every 10 seconds. The page the web cam image is displayed is not appearing to be refreshing as often as the image. I was thinking the caching of the page prevents the latest image from appearing. Is there a setting I can change to display the latest image on the page? Thanks!

There is a good chance it is caching. You’d need a page rule to exclude it.

Whats the URL?



Your www host (where the pictures are) is not proxied, so it doesnt go through Cloudflare and there wont be any caching either.

You are referring to these two, right?

  • http://www.assemblypark.com/assemblypark.com/webcam/webcampic_1.jpg
  • http://www.assemblypark.com/assemblypark.com/lakecam/ap-lakecam_1.jpg

There is one slightly weird aspect about it, as you are embedding the images via iframes (instead of image tags) and use the naked domain in that context (which actually is proxied). But as the naked domain redirects to “www” the images still shouldnt cache.

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Yes, you mentioned the correct two images.

In that case there shouldnt be any caching as they dont go through Cloudflare.

I think what you’re seeing is latency based on how the image is refreshing.

You have hundreds of large images in the directory, so I am presuming you’re inefficiently refreshing them by uploading to the directory. I’d check that.

I understand what you are saying however when I turn the filtering off, the image is refreshed as it should, when filtering is on it takes longer maybe an hour.



Which filtering? The point is, your entire site (i.e. the “www” record) is not behind Cloudflare, so none of the features will apply or can influence anything.

Sorry for the confusion… when I turn the filtering off – I don’t filter the “www” record the whole site. Would it be better to filter the site except for the page with the web cam pics? Or is this a bad idea?

Thanks for all the help.



I am afraid I still dont know what you mean by filter.

Sorry for the confusion. I look at Cloudflare, as a DNS filter. I might be mistaken.



DNS filter is not quite accurate I am afraid. It is DNS provider, just like any other. Additionally it provides the proxying services, which you are not currently using however.

Is there anything you would recommend to do to allow the images from the web cam on the web page, I would like the photos to update when there is a new photo displayed. The web cam takes a new picture every 20 seconds.

I see where I was mistaken. I was using filter when I should have used the word Proxied. When the site is not Proxed the cam photos are updated quickly when proxied is turned on the web page and the photos on the web page take hours to




But thats the whole point I have been making for three days :slight_smile: your site is not proxied. Wasnt three days ago and still is not.

Your naked domain is proxied, but it all redirects to “www” where the actual content is loaded from and which is not proxied.

Or, on the other hand, are you saying you havent been experiencing the issue recently, but you will in case of enabling the proxy? In that case I’d also refer you back to my first response, mentioning page rules.

Do you currently experience the issue?

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