Web caída en España - Website down in Spain


Sabemos que Cloudflare tiene problemas en España con los proveddores Movistar y O2, el problema es que Search Console nos marca errores 404, siendo muy negativo para el SEO.

Lo van a solucionar ya o buscamos otras opciones, gracias


We know that Cloudflare has problems in Spain with the providers Movistar and O2, the problem is that Search Console gives us 404 errors, which is very negative for SEO.

Will they fix it now or do we look for other options, thanks

Which URL?



That’s the domain, you said there’s a URL with a 404. Which URL is that? Post a screenshot.

That’s not a 404 but you cannot connect to the proxies. There was a similar posting earlier and your ISP will be blocking the Cloudflare addresses. You should contact your ISP to clarify that.

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They told that the problem is Cloudflare server…

It isn’t, you cannot connect because your ISP blocks the IP address.

What a mess! They say the oposite, i am goin to contact again and write later, thanks

Sure, you’ll be using a 188 address and these addresses are generally reachable (apart from the 403) → sitemeer.com/#

And which is the correct address… Thnaks

The address is correct, but your ISP blocks it.

Ok Ok Thanks

They say that it is a problem between the Cloudflare IP and Google, because the web is not displayed.

Is there a contact to talk to Cloudflare?

I don’t understand how they can discriminate against free plans and leave them without support

Thank you

Where does Google come in here? You posted a screenshot of your browser.

Free plans are not “discriminated” but not paying anything, there’s naturally no support included.

So, I can’t do anything… thanks

You can contact your ISP and clarify why they are blocking the address.

Alternatively you can unproxy and requests will go straight to your server.

Let’s try and center the conversation around the issue itself.
I’ve been troubleshooting issues for a couple of hours now so I can understand @marco15 frustration.

Indeed, as @sandro has pointed out, this seems to be the ISP blocking a bunch of Cloudflare IPs for no apparent reason.
I can’t access my services from a Movistar router but have no issue with a DIGI mobile line.
ISPs in spain are absolutely dog ■■■■ and usually do their best to waste people time, so of course they “know nothing” and “are not at fault”.

Since we are talking about Cloudflare, the ISP will probably bend once the issue gets to someone with technical knowledge.
I reckon it’s just a matter of time.

For the time being, i’ve unproxied the services in order to keep them available and would recommend the rest to do the same.
Hopefully the ISPs will get their head out of their assess by tomorrow.

Thank U veru much

@marco15, maybe open a technical support ticket with your ISP and direct them to this thread. Unfortunately, the community here can’t do anything in this context. This is something only your ISP can fix.

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