Web cache not working

HI We have changed the Hosting IP of our website after changing the Hosting Server IP in Cloudflare DNS

After changing hosting dns Caching is not working.

“Caching is not working” is a bit vague and not much to go off of. Are you talking about the Cf-Cache-Status header? Or the performance with cache enabled?

There are a few things you will want to keep in mind about Cloudflare Cache, one of the most important ones being it will not cache HTML by default.
The default Cache Behavior is documented here:

You can force it to cache anything you want it to, just be careful not to cache pages behind logins. If you are not careful with cache rules, you could accidentally cache pages of content specific to a signed in user like Profile information and have that be cached and served to other users, which is not ideal.

Cloudflare has a few helpful guides I would look over:

If you are having a specific issue with cache that is not covered above, please clarify it.

If this issue is just now happening after you changed your web server’s IP, make sure the record is proxied (orange clouded).

Hi Chaika,

Thanks for your reply. After enable the Edge Cache TTL it is working But Page speed increased after the second load of the specific page OR URL.

Can you help us to configuration our server because before change the server hosting it was working fine.

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