Web Analytis Stuck in Inactive State

A few days ago I enabled Web Analytics for my domain, joewegner.com. It is using the Automatic Setup option, and I’ve confirmed via devtools on my website that the Cloudflare Insights JS snippet is being loaded in correctly on the site, but 48 hours later I am still seeing the site as “Inactive”. The site is hosted on GitHub Pages, but as best I can see all the requests are hitting Cloudflare as expected.

Is there another step here I am missing for enabling Web Analytics?


@MoreHelp ticket id 2349511

How are the regular analytics looking for that domain? It’s showing all the usual activity in the Overview page?

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Having the same issue here, JS snippet is on the site with the correct token but Web Analytics is always on “Inactive”.

The site itself is not proxied through Cloudflare, just DNS managed

I’m also getting a red banner that says “Invalid list options provided” when I open the “Manage Site” screen, but all of the options are save-able just fine. Tried re-adding the site with no luck

Seeing the same issue for a Pages website.

  • The JavaScript snippet is injected correctly.
  • The non-JavaScript analytics still work.
  • The Web Analytics page (site-specific) in the Dashboard shows no data.
  • The Web Analytics page (list of sites) in the Dashboard shows the site as “Inactive”.

Before the error message shows, the Dashboard attempts to load:


The response has status 400 Bad Request. The body is:

  "result": null,
  "success": false,
  "errors": [
      "code": 8000024,
      "message": "Invalid list options provided"
  "messages": []

I used the browser developer tools to re-send the HTTP request with the search parameters removed from the URL:


The response is now 200 OK. It looks like the Cloudflare Dashboard front-end is erroneously adding these parameters (page and per_page) which are supported by this endpoint. The API documentation does not list these parameters as accepted, but it does list them for other API endpoints.

In the body of the successful response, .result[0].latest_deployment.build_config is set to:

"build_config": {
  "build_command": "",
  "destination_dir": "",
  "root_dir": "",
  "web_analytics_tag": null,
  "web_analytics_token": null

This seems to suggest that the Analytics tag is not set, but viewing the source of the site shows that it actually is.

Correction: …are not supported…

Any comments form Cloudflare people?

Created a ticket but got told to use this forum instead because the support channels are for billing and the likes.

Still had no luck to get web analytics working on my site. Tag is correctly on the site, request to cloudfalre is made, but still displayed as ‘Inactive’


Still unable to get web analytics working, even after deleting everything and setting the site up from scratch in the web analytics interface. Would appreciate comments what else to try here