Web Analytics vs Browser Insights


I am currently experimenting with tracking via Cloudflare. I am a bit confused about the difference between browser insights and web analytics, which is currently in beta.
As I have read the blog posts and support pages, I only found that the only difference is that web analytics works for non proxied ressources.

Are there any other differences?
Thanks in advance


Both inject a piece of JavaScript code (beacon) into your web pages and use Performance API to analyse the end-user’s experience and report on these metrics back to you.

The primary difference is that Browser Insights will insert that code for you automatically on our edge, so you don’t need to modify the code of your site at origin. Web Analytics requires you to insert this beacon yourself in your code at your origin, however for this very reason it also works with hostnames that are not proxied by us.

If you already proxy your records through us, I would recommend to use Browser Insights.


Thanks for the answer.

I think I stick with web analytics.
Somehow the beacon via browser inside doesn’t get requested for my 2 test sites.