Web Analytics stopped tracking path (page) info

I’m using the new web analytics (free version). First couple of days it seemed to work beautifully. But checking recently, it no longer seems to be tracking the page path correctly. The paths listed show only a blank(99.9% of pageviews seems to be here) and a few “/” root paths.
The web analytics are setup for www and I have the root domain and a subdomain with a page rule permanently redirecting to the www domain. The www site is fully cloudflare cached. Even when I navigate through the site and clicking through several pages, the views seem to register but no path information shows up.

I realize the service is new, so is there a bug/issue where it recently stopped tracking this? Or is this maybe a (recent?) limitation of the free version?

I was just wondering the same thing. I’m experiencing the issue where I have one path value that is just blank. Is this a bug?

The issue is being investigated by CF Support.


Any updates on this? I’ve recently migrated from Google Analytics to CloudFlare Web Analytics and missing this information is really, really bad.

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I did get an update from CF Support 5 days ago, saying they were still working on it.

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It seems that it started working again recently. Any ideas if old data will be available? Thanks!

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I haven’t heard back from Support yet, but I do see some paths showing now. So it looks a fix in on the way. I don’t know if it will apply retroactively to old pages.