Web Analytics sorting by Page View or Visits with ability to set default sort

I hope I’m not the only one here that is guilty of acquiring excessive numbers of domain names, lol. Anyhow, I’ll just say I have more than 10, which is the point when the Web Analytics screen starts paginating its list of sites. I tried it on a site that doesn’t receive traffic just to see how it works, then added it to a site I have been focused on recently that does receive traffic. I liked Cloudflare’s Web Analytics over Google Analytics for a variety of reasons, so I went ahead and enabled it on almost all my domains – even domains that I don’t expect to get traffic. I like being able to track if interest has developed in a domain that I never got around to developing the way I wanted.

However, every time I go to the Web Analytics screen, it sorts the list so the most recently created sites appear at the top. This puts the site that I’m focused on at the end of the list. The only other option is to sort by Hostname, which would bring the site to the first page, but there’s apparently no way to set that as the default.

Here are my proposals, ordered by most important (in my view) to least important:

  1. Add the ability to change the default sort criteria, perhaps by simply defaulting to whatever it was set to last.
  2. Add a “Favorites” or “Pinned” feature that allows certain sites to stick to the top of the list.
  3. Replace the “Created” criteria with a manual sort option. Sites would initially be inserted at the top of the list when added, but it would allow the user to rearrange sites in the list.
  4. Add an additional criteria to sort by “Visits” – corresponding to the metric in the list.
  5. Add an additional criteria to sort by “Page View” – corresponding to the metric in the list.

I believe these suggestions would improve the usage of the Web Analytics feature for people with multiple sites, particularly those with more than 10.

Thank you for reading this far.