Web Analytics: Running Automatic setup and JS Snippet simultaneously

Hey friends - I’m in the process of switching a static POC site from one Cloudflare Account to its long-term Cloudflare Account home. I have Web Analytics installed via JS Snippet installation method.

My question
If my site is orange-clouded, why does the Automatic deployment method only capture a fraction of the traffic compared to the JS Snippet installation method?

My analytics transition plan was going to be:

  1. Keep old legacy JS Snippet running on site - collected via old account
  2. Enable Automatic setup for site on new account
  3. Run both for a bit
  4. Remove legacy JS Snippet

However, now that the domain has been successfully transferred to the new CF account and the DNS switched over, orange-clouded, the Automatic setup from the new account is only capturing <1% of traffic. But it is receiving some traffic - I would have assumed it would be either zero or near equal. The legacy JS Snippet continues to collect data, as expected, viewable via the old account.

I believe I read someplace the two installations do indeed conflict.

If anyone has insights into the best way to transition Web Analytics installed via JS Snippet installation to a new account with Web Analytics installed via Automatic setup, I’m all ears.

Thanks y’all!