Web Analytics receives no hits

I set up the hostname in Web Analytics (example.com) and added the beacon JS code to the website. However, several days later I still see no hits.

The site is not a site that is actually added to Cloudflare – it is neither proxied nor otherwise. Is this what I’ve overlooked? I assumed that Web Analytics would work for any site where the beacon pings, i.e. it doesn’t have to be a site in my Cloudflare account and the domain/nameservers could be with anyone.

Literally just discovered that you need to use a different tag when injecting the script with a tag manager.

I’ve updated the implementation to match this but I am still seeing no data coming through. When I inspect the site code, the script is being injected but the site token appears to be stripped from the src of the <script> tag – is this expected behaviour?

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