Web Analytics only show past week of data?

I’ve upgraded my account to access the Web Analytics product, and it only seems to be showing the last 7 days of data, despite having installed the javascript about three weeks ago. Is there something I need to be doing to access the historical data?

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Same here…

It seems it only shows only 7 historical days (custom range selected), but previous days are shown disabled.

In the documentation (Cloudflare Web Analytics – Cloudflare Help Center) there is no reference to this limitation.

Hi, this is Marc from the Web Analytics product team.

Currently we are only providing 7 days of data, but we are working on extending that range within the next weeks.

Hi Marc,

Thanks a lot for your quick answer.
Do you know what will be the maximum length of the custom range? will we be able to select any previous available date or is planned limits number of days you could go back?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Marcos,

next step will be to go back 30 days instead of 7. We might extend that further but are currently not planning an option to select any date outside of this.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

30 days it’s a better than 7, of course, but I think have no access to historical data impacts too much on this service’s value.

Best regards!

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