Web Analytics on free plan

Can we export?
Only thing I can see at the moment is Print Report, and even that data only goes back 1 month.

There aren’t many things you can export from the dashboard. DNS Records is about all I can think of. Otherwise, you’d have to use the API:


Cloudflare doesn’t store a whole lot of data, and lower plans have fewer options. That probably one reason they have GraphQL: so you can push your logs to other services for analysis.

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I’m not sure the data is solid enough for me to bother skilling up in GraphQL:
not only is 10% sampling poor for small-data sites like mine: Democratizing web analytics - #5 by w4rner
And I noticed that subdomains are differentiated in Hosts section, but not in Paths section. This makes the Paths data quite confusing!

I’ll probs just stick with SimpleAnalytics

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