Web analytics js script breaks webapp

I have no idea how this happens but running with auto injected web analytics js breaks our webapp. when we try to fetch some esm modules from our origin server instead of fetching the file from our origin it tries to make a request to cloudflare url and fails with a 522 http code. We removed all caching/minification but only disabling auto injection of js helps.

Hi, the beacon url is https://static.cloudflareinsights.com/beacon.min.js
your requested url is failing because that path is not valid.

Exactly my point, nowhere in our app we request this resource from cloudflareinsights, our app works perfectly when beacon script is not injected, we disabled it from the web analytics dashboard, all resources including the one posted above is pulled from our origin, as soon as we enable the auto inject option, it breaks our app and our app starts requesting the resource as shown above from cloudflareinsights.