Web analytics js script breaks hexo generate file

I use the JS snippet provided by web analytics, and I add it into the configuration file (yml format) according to the wiki of the hexo theme(zh-cn) I use.

I opened this file with Notepad for easy viewing

After that, I tried to execute hexo g, but unfortunately it reported an error.

INFO  Validating config
INFO  Start processing
ERROR Theme config load failed.
  err: YAMLException: bad indentation of a mapping entry (2:146)

   1 |  ...
   2 |  ... in.js' data-cf-beacon='{"token": "f7e91cb847eb445c9d6804fae5889 ...
   3 |  ... ercel</a> or <a href="https://cloudflare.com" target="_blank">C ...
   4 |  ...

I can make sure that the JS snippet I copied is completely correct.

After the console reports this error, I try to delete the error content pointed out by the console (delete spaces), and then execute the same command ,and then generate the file.

It’s interesting?