Web analytics isn't showing /path information

all I can see in the Web Analytics UI is roll-up/total traffic info. I’d like to see URL path breakdowns of traffic/requests. how do I do this? after some reading I’ve seen suggestions that “add filter” might provide insights, however, I don’t see any “add filter” functionality in the UI.

odd. suddenly I was able to “try our new Web Analytics” UI and that shows all the info I want. not sure if it was related to a Pro upgrade that I did, or not.

Web Traffic Analytics is what that is referring to, and indeed it is Pro or higher only, and gives a lot more statistics, filtering, etc. On free you are rather limited.

Cloudflare has a separate Web Analytics product for free (https://www.cloudflare.com/web-analytics/), using Javascript for tracking that can give exact path information if you have other sites on free.