Web Analytics - inconsistent "Visits by country" for different time periods

Hi there. We’re using Web Analytics on our (non-Cloudflare) domain. We noticed that the Visits By Country are inconsistent for different time periods.

For example, when viewing the last 7 days we see 3 visits from Kenya. But when viewing the last 14 days there are zero visits from Kenya. Lots of the other country counts are inconsistent too.

Any idea what could cause this? At the moment we’re not sure how trustworthy the counts are.

Does anyone have any insight into this? Basically we are wondering if it’s a “bug or a feature”.

Hi, this might be due to use of ABR in Web Analytics.
ABR, Adaptive Bitrate, involves various sample rate in storing and retrieving data from the database.

In this case, the last 7 days might have been retrieved from the 100% sample to give 3 visits, while last 14 days has been retrieved from the 10% sample (this is due to different retention policy for each tables on various sample rates) and no data was stored there (assume 3 visits per week, 6 visits in 2 weeks - which is equivalent of 0.6 record stored in 10% sample data that can be none).

The ABR can improve performance and efficiency, the downside is it may not perfectly work with small number of records or entries in case like this.

You can find out more about ABR here: https://blog.cloudflare.com/explaining-cloudflares-abr-analytics/

Thanks Jehoon, that’s a plausible explanation. The article about the ABR strategies is very interesting.

In future you could potentially vary the retention policy or sample rate to provide more accuracy for lower volumes, though I appreciate this would add complexity.

This resolves the issue for us. Thanks.

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