Web Analytics and Cloudflare Analytics: why they are so different?

Hi, I am a Pro user and I have a question about Cloudflare analytics.
There are two ways to see traffic for my website: one is located on the dashboard–>“analytics” button, near overview and DNS. The other one is located in the Speed setion–>Browser Insights–>Web Analytics.
For the past 24 hours, the first Cloudflare Analytics shows 5.6k page views, the second one shows 2.95k page views. Why they are so different? What is the real page views value for my site?

Hello, you might see more network traffic from the Analytics (not Web Analytics) since a direct network call to your site (such as from bots) does not behave the same as opening a page using a browser. For example, a direct network call to your site (like using curl) would generate a report for network analytics, but not for Web Analytics due to the reporting mechanism.

Web Analytics measurements are reported when the page load is completed (onload event), thus in some cases if the page or the browser (or the browser tab) is closed, the measurement report can be either canceled or lost depending on the browser’s default behavior. Therefore, Web Analytics is called RUM, a Real User Measurements (=or monitoring). You can read more from here: Real user monitoring - Wikipedia

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Both count bots; take both with a pinch of salt.

No way is considered that accurate unless you have extensive bot culling rules.

Google analytics excludes bots, which is far better, and other alternatives do similar.

For example, the main page shows 10k unique visitors, cloud flare web analytics shows 5k and then google antics shows 2.5k… I’d take the Google result more or another platform that excludes bots properly.

And if they block google analytics, they would be blocking Cloudflare analytics.

Thank you both! This explain the differences.
Just otherr two questions about Analytics.
I noticed a bid drop in page views after using Rocket Loader, from 5000 or 6000 views a day to 2500-3000 with Rocket Loader. Maybe it’s because Rocket Loader doesn’t consider pages that are viewed only for few seconds?
My DNS settings (shown in the picture) are right for a correct Web Analytics results?

DNS Cloudflare - Copia|690x136

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