Web Analytic Visits not getting registered

the domain vidanaturalargentina.com is getting no visits.
But in Cloudinary I see a ton of request of media resources.
So, how can I know if it isn’t getting visits or are the visits not getting registered properly?
I already changed the token twice just to double check.

Web Analytics isn’t going to show allow requests. If users are blocking the JavaScript for it or if they are a bot that doesn’t load the JavaScript, then you will not see anything in web analytics.

To determine if the lack of visits to your website is due to a tracking issue or other problems, follow these steps:

  1. Check website analytics for visitor data.
  2. Verify DNS configuration for correct server pointing.
  3. Ensure no errors in website code or server settings.
  4. Review robots.txt file for search engine accessibility.
  5. Use tools like Google Search Console for crawl errors.
  6. Examine server logs for insights.
  7. Confirm CDN setup if used.
  8. Test accessibility from different locations and devices.
  9. Investigate Cloudinary logs for request sources.
  10. Consider website monitoring tools.
  11. Contact hosting provider for assistance if needed.