Web access from Indonesia/Asia doesn't point to CloudFlare Singapore Data Center


I’m using cloudflare on my website and all NS are configured. I can see Cloudflare IP when i ping my website.

The problem is, i access it from Indonesia but when i ping my website it points to which is Cloudflare on US DataCenter. What i want is when someone visit my website from Southeast Asia, it will be pointed to Cloudflare Singapore Data Center.

Any idea how to fix this problem?

The only fix for this I know of is to get a paid Cloudflare subscription. Those get higher priority for end points.
Since Singapore’s point is apparently very busy the free plan gets moved to other points that are less busy but still relatively close.

Here is the same question asked: Website not routed through closest data center

I think you are mistaken here. All Cloudflare Edge IPs are registered to the US, but this does not mean they are located there.

You can check here for which PoP you are being routed to:


I am routed to SIN on the Free tier at the moment

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